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10 Jobs for People Who Want a Big Adventure

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Looking for a new job? Or, just want to do some window shopping? Check in every week for a hand-picked selection of awesome jobs from our partner companies .

This week, check out a selection of jobs for people who absolutely love to seek adventure in all of its different forms, from traveling abroad to creating a daring marketing plan. Whether you’re looking to work as a customer service executive in London or an in-demand website designer in Silicon Valley, there’s bound to be a position for you.

1. Commercial Executive

onefinestay, London

Living abroad and constantly communicating with customers to assist them with even the most wacky requests? The people at onefinestay are offering you quite an interesting adventure, and we’d definitely recommend taking it.

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2. Operations and Account Manager

Worldwide101, Flexible

There’s nothing better than getting to work anywhere in the world. So, if you’re all about the remote employee lifestyle, Worldwide101 is offering you a stellar opportunity to manage others and build relationships while living out your dreams of settling down (or traveling around) wherever you please.

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3. Residence Manager

EF Education First, San Francisco

Working with students can be quite the experience, and as EF’s San Francisco site Residence Manager, you’ll be doing just that, ensuring that all EF students are accounted for and taken care of. An ability to work calmly in a fast-changing environment is a must.

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4. Data Analyst

LivePerson, Atlanta

Data analysis might not seem like a job for those who love living on the edge, but at LivePerson, where data is the cornerstone of all work and the office’s pace changes at the speed of light, someone who loves a little adventure can find him or herself at home.

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5. Designer

Squarespace, New York

If you have to have a sense of purpose and love thinking outside the box, then you may feel inspired to work as Squarespace’s Designer, coming up with bold designs for the new web. In this role, you’ll be creating extraordinary products and working with a team that’s just as passionate as you are.

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6. Global Recruiter

InVue, Charlotte

There’s nothing more exhilarating than being the person who finds great talent for a company, so if this is your strong suit, InVue is looking for you. As a Global Recruiter, you’ll be doing some heavy prospecting, building, and driving recruitment campaigns and making sure that candidates and recruits get an exceptional experience during the hiring and onboarding processes.

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7. Director of Development

Venture for America, New York

Fundraising is definitely an industry for the daring and the bold. In this role, your main goal will be to increase VFA’s current budget from $3.3 million to over $10 million in just a few short years. Are you up for this great fundraising adventure?

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8. Campaign Manager

Brightroll, Chicago

There’s nothing more exciting than creating and executing a successful advertising campaign, so if you enjoy using metrics to pull off the perfect ad and being the link between all departments involved in these efforts, Brightroll’s Campaign Manager position might be perfect for you.

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9. Business Development Manager for Sweden


Making important business contacts is already hard to do, but are you up for the challenge of finding (and maintaining) connections in an entirely different country? If so, STYLIGHT is looking for an experienced Business Development Manager to take on the Swedish market.

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10. Web Designer

Kontiki, Silicon Valley

If you have a knack for creating eye-catching websites and mobile apps for big-time clients, Kontiki is looking for an adventurous Web Designer who’s ready to take the plunge. Proficiency in HTML and CSS is a must.

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