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10 Jobs for People Who Love to Socialize

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Looking for a new job? Or, just want to do some window shopping? Check in every week for a hand-picked selection of awesome jobs from our partner companies .

If you’ve loved socializing at your BBQs this weekend, read on: From community manager to talent coordinator, these jobs are perfect for people who love working with other people.

1. Client Success Director

Umbel, Austin

If you like schmoozing with high-profile clients, Umbel is looking for you. In the role of Client Success Director, you’ll be building and maintaining long-term relationships with clients while also making sure that Umbel’s internal teams are doing all they can to help keep those relationships strong.

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2. Senior Account Executive

Lithium, San Francisco

Lithium is looking for a Senior Account Executive who is obsessed with all things social media and tech to build strong partnerships and ensure that all marketing campaigns are successful. A Klout score of 50 is a bonus.

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3. Office Manager

Chartbeat, New York

This job requires two things: Pro organization skills and a social personality. As the “ambassador of quality service” at Chartbeat, you’ll be charged with making guests feel welcome when they walk through the door.

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4. Product Marketing Manager

Fishbowl, Washington, DC

If you like making sure that people see and know about your product, Fishbowl’s Product Marketing Manager position could be for you. Responsibilities include market intelligence and sales enablement.

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5. Development and Talent Coordinator

Oprah Winfrey Network, Chicago

OWN’s Development and Talent Coordinator will spend his or her days handling many people. From fielding calls left by producers to working with potential hires and the team, you’ll be a nonstop socializing machine.

See What it’s Like to Work at Oprah Winfrey Network

6. Social Media and Community Manager

Zoosk, San Francisco

Have a knack for capturing and entertaining audiences online? Zoosk is looking for you to serve as Social Media and Community Manager. Creativity and flawless writing skills are a must for this position.

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7. Senior Strategist

Praytell Strategy, New York

Praytell is looking for someone who can do it all—tell great stories, work on digital platforms, advertise, manage accounts, the works. If you like juggling many responsibilities while also working with a very upbeat team and tons of clients, this position may be for you.

See What it’s Like to Work at Praytell Strategy

8. Community Manager

HERE, Boston

HERE is looking for a media-savvy social butterfly to pioneer its community outreach efforts, developing relationships both on and offline. A willingness to spend a portion of your time traveling is a must.

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9. Head of Global Recruiting

Uber, San Francisco

Can you keep track of people leading operations in dozens of locations worldwide? Uber is looking for a Head of Global Recruiting who thinks big and is always striving to make systems work better and more efficiently.

See What it’s Like to Work at Uber

10. Director of Business Development

Contently, New York

Understand the business development and corporate strategy in the realms of tech and media? Contently is looking for you. Responsibilities include building a robust business development plan and building relationships with partners.

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