One day Tyberius was annoyed at the standard windows alt-tab dialog,
because it required him to tab to at least 5 different explorer windows just to select the right one,
for it did only display a window's name when you had already tabbed to it.

So he set out to create a replacement:
SmartTab - a better, improved alt-tab dialog.


  • All windows with small icons & full title at a glance.
  • Activate a window either by using the regular alt-tab dance, or hit a key between 0 and 9 and a-z (choosing the window you want), or by clicking it's title (usefull when you've got your right hand at the mouse already), or by scrolling with your mousewheel.
  • Less resource hungry than the windows XP power toy alt-tab replacement.
  • Configurable Colors (via a command line parameter)
  • Highlighting of windows flashing in task bar (handy in combination with the XP task bar grouping)
  • Works on Windows 2000 and XP.
  • No installation required

You can download SmartTab for free.

Just start it - if you don't like it, either kill its process, or restart your machine - you'll need to put it into your startup folder if you like to use it all the time.

And a final quick screenshot: