Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I've started SmartTab.exe - and nothing happend.
A: Please press Alt-Tab to see the new window. SmartTab doesn't show itself anywhere else to save on system resources.

Q: I've started SmartTab - but the Microsoft PowerToy (the one that shows minature windows when you tab to it) is still showing when I press Alt-Tab
A: You'll need to remove that Powertoy, either temporarily (hit Ctrl-Alt-Tab and kill it's task. Starts with 'task' [please contact me if you know exactly what the task's name is]) or permamently by deinstalling it via Control Panel/Software.

Q: I don't like the colors, or I'd like SmartTab to look more like the default windows Alt-Tab dialog
A: Please see our detailed customization page to change the color. There's a premade color scheme that's pretty close to the default Windows.

Q: What is new in Version 5?
A: SmartTab now recognizes 'dialog' windows (File-open, etc), and let's you tab to them. It also highlights windows that are flashing in your task bar and allows you to select windows using the arrow-keys and 'enter'.

Q: What is new in Version 5 - March 5th 2006 A.D
A: A window-activating bug has been fixed where you could only activate certain windows  by clicking them (not by tabbing to them).
Also, there are some new command line parameters.

Q: My question wasn't answered by this faq - what can I do?
A: Contact me - but I won't be very polite if the question was answered by this faq and you just didn't read it.