Customization Example

To customize SmartTab's colors, simply follow these step by step instructions:

Step 1: Make a shortcut

Use your right mouse button to drag&drop SmartTab.exe somewhere, and choose 'Create Shortcut Here' from the ensuring menu.

Step 2: Change the shortcut's properties

Rightclick your shortcut and select 'Properties'. Switch to the 'Shortcut' tab.
Your screen should look like this:


Step 3: Change the target to include the colors

Add quotes to the value in 'Target', so that, for example, D:\backups\SmartTab.exe becomes "D:\backups\SmartTab.exe" (use your own value!).
Then append " -background=FF8405 -foreground=FFC846 -shadow=000000 -highlight=000000 -font=683702" (without the ") to it.
That'll turn SmartTab Couhgdrop Orange (see Premade Colorshemes). You can adjust the colors any way you like - if you'd like a list of colors and their codes, visit Webmonkey (don't forget to remove the '#' when copying these color codes).

Step 4: Hit Ok

Hit 'Ok' - there's nothing more to it.

Step 5: Start SmartTab

Start SmartTab by doubleclicking your shortcut. Now SmartTab should have the new colors. You don't need to kill of any running SmartTab - it always replaces a running instance with the new one, allowing you to quickly experiment with the colors.