Customize SmartTab

You can change SmartTab's colors!

The procedure is a bit involving, therefore there is also a step by step example.

There are also serveral premade color schemes for you to try and tweak. If you got a cool new one you'd like to share, be sure to send it to me, so I can add it to the list.

Custom Colors

To change SmartTab's colors, you'll need to make a shortcut to it and pass in parameters (by appending them to the target field. You might have to enclose the preceding path to SmartTab.exe with quotes (")).

Valid parameters:

  • -background=$color
  • -foreground=$color
  • -shadow=$color
  • -highlight=$color
  • -font=$color
  • -transparency=0-255 #makes the window transparent from invisible (0) to fully visible (255) - adjust to your tastes - might be slow on some (most) machines.

with $color being a 6 digit, hexadecimal RGB color. (like FF00FF for pink)

This enlarged screenshot describes which color affects what:

Other valid parameters are

  • centerX=%Number%  - Place the center of the SmartTab Window at the pixel position %Number% left-rigth
  • centerY=%Number%  - Place the center of the SmartTab Window at the pixel position %Number% top -down 
    (These can be used to place SmartTab on a different monitor).
  • smallrows=true - lowers the row size to the minimum possible at current font size. Use this if you wish to see even more windows at once
  • largerows=true - increases the row size.
  • sortAlphabetically=true - does what it says ;-) . The window list is now sorted alphabetically, but you can't alt-tab back to the last application anymore.