Premade Colorschemes

Please refer to customization to learn how to use the schemes to change SmartTab's colors.

The Default Color Scheme

-background=446EA5 -foreground=376192 -shadow=112133 -highlight=7691AF -font=EEEEEE


Windows Classic Color Sheme

-background=D4D0C8 -foreground=D4D0C8 -shadow=00007F -highlight=00007F -font=000000


An Ozone Asylum Scheme

-background=320808 -foreground=6C2300 -shadow=973100 -highlight=ef750e -font=fc6203


A 'Dull' Scheme (others might call it 'classic' - it's grey never the less)

-background=5B5B5B -foreground=252525 -shadow=292929 -highlight=093D42 -font=E9E9E9


Summer something yellow, something mellow, something without 3d.

-background=FFD350 -foreground=E9AE00 -shadow=ffffff -highlight=ffffff -font=000000


Coughdrop Orange

-background=FF8405 -foreground=FFC846 -shadow=000000 -highlight=000000 -font=683702


Sunset Red

-background=843543 -foreground=FFBFBF -shadow=FF0000 -highlight=FF0000 -font=FE491


White Highlight

-background=EEEEEE -foreground=FFFFFF -shadow=292929 -highlight=093D42 -font=000000 -transparency=235